Our Planned Adventures to Germany and Prague - September 2007 -

We are about to set off on another World adventure. This time to Germany and Prague. Travel plans are loosely set. See the following to track our wild adventures.

Bill & Edyta's Phone Number: 011 49 30 83 221 868

September 14/15:
Fly to Germany: time - place (flight number)
8:20am-11:34am Sacramento to Denver (UA 1178)
1:55pm-7:20am Denver to Munich (UA 8749)
9:20am - 10:25am Munich to Berlin. (UA 9189)

September 15
Night in Berlin at Bill and Edyta's.

September 16
get in rental car and motor on to the Rhine Valley. Stay at this Castle Sunday night!

September 16-19
stay and play in the Rhine Valley

September 19-21
Stay and Play in Rothenburg. Drive the Romantic Road down to Fussen (stay in Fussen)

September 21
Head to Munich and spend the day, then night train from Munich to Prague

September 22-25
Stay and Play in Prague.
To see the hotel we will be staying at all weekend click here. Tel: +420 224 211 020

September 25
Catch the morning train to Berlin

September 25-28
Stay with Bill and Edyta and cruz Berlin

September 28:
Fly home: time - place (flight number)
9:45am to 10:55am Berlin to Frankfurt (UA 9217)
12:45pm to 248pm Frankfurt to Chicago (UA 941)
5:00pm to 7:16pm Chicago to Sacramento (UA 577)