Our Toys

Latest News image Our toys are made up of many cars, trucks and even kayaks!



Honeymmon 2001 Energy Wave TAG 125cc kart

When the need for speed comes upon me, I take this bad boy out to the track.

Action Pictures
Honeymmon 2007 Toyota Prius
We replaced the MINI Cooper S with a hybrid Toyota Prius. 50+ mpg and a smooth ride! So far we love the car and it makes us smile when we pass the gas stations!


2 2001 Silverado

The daily driver truck that gets us to and from camp sites!

Pictures (soon)

Honeymmon 2004 MINI Cooper S (Wrecked)
Thsi was blast to drive and a very fun car to own. Was crashed on 4-17-07 by a kid who lost control of his car and jumped the center divider.


Honeymmon 1949 Chevy (LeadSled Project)
Long time project car that can be seen more on its own website The Web Czar

Pictures (will open new website)

Ducati ST2 1998 Ducati ST2 (SOLD)

Birthday gift from my wonderful wife. Was sold shortly after the car crash, regret selling her!

Pictures (coming soon)

Honeymmon 1995 Camaro Convertible (SOLD)

Was a fun car, sold to buy the MINI Coooper S.


Vega Vega Drag Race Car (SOLD)
Drag car that was sold before raced.

Pictures (coming soon)

Honeymmon 1991 Silverado - Show Truck - (SOLD)
My old show truck.

Pictures (coming soon)