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Camping Oct 1, 2008

Vacation - well we tried....

We have spent the past few days at Stillwater and Gualala Campgrounds. Good weather, but we had some issues with the dogs health so we had to come home early

See pictures here - Camping pictures


Tahoe Sept 2008 September 5-7, 2008

Weekend away - Carrie's birthday

We went for a wonderful relaxing weekend away in Tahoe. Booked the Honeymoon cottage at a small B&B on the water! We had a great time and even got in a 5 mile hike and long kayak too. Enjoy the pictures...

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Yup, that is a BIG train!! August 24, 2008

Yup, that is a BIG train!!

We went for a bike ride today and came across this gigantic train... I had to get a picture, look how small I am next to this classic!

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Jim and David 8-16-08 August 16, 2008

Jim and David's wedding in our backyard

We hosted Jim and David's wedding and it was amazing. The setting worked out perfectly and the events was a success!

See pictures here - some random pictures


Funny Car Fever 2008 June 24, 2008

New deck started to be built around the studio

We decided it best to hire this one out, and from the amount of work they have done in the first half day, I am happy we did.

See pictures here - the deck


Camoing 2008 June 22, 2008

Ah yes, much fun-ness

We have spent the past weekend at Stillwater cove. Perfect weather, great hiking and play time with the boys.

See pictures here - Camping pictures


Funny Car Fever 2008 June 8, 2008

Yard redo - June 2008

We have spent the past week moving 2 yards of top soil and 3 yards of cedar mulch... and boy are we sore! We finally finished the side yard and it looks GREAT! We are planning a big overhaul in the back yard so I started to move sprinklers and make mounds to plant in... I will post progress pictures as we move along.

See pictures here - Yard pictures/progress


Funny Car Fever 2008 April 12, 2008

Funny Car Fever 2008

Went to Funny Car Fever at Sacramento Raceway, man what blast! Full field of nostalgic Funny Cars! and more front engine diggers that you cold shake a stick at (why you would want to shake a stick at them I have not a clue!)

See pictures here - Drag Race Pictures


kart at track April 5, 2008

Day at the track

Took the kart out for a practice, was one of only 4 guys there. Did about 40 laps in a couple hours...such fun!

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Point Reyes Beach February 16, 2008

Day at the beach

We needed to blow off the "stink" and get away for a day. We packed the car and got the dogs in the car and bailed to the coast. Point Reyes coastal beaches are so great and the waves during the day were 15' high! Ah much needed R&R.

See pictures here - Beach Pictures

kart Feb. 9, 2008

The newest toy

So I have been wanting to get a race kart for a long time now, and after selling the Ducati last year it has been more and more on my mind. So I started looking around and found a beauty, a 125cc Energy TAG Perilla. She only has 3 hours of time of the kart and is dang near brand new.


chop chop! January 31, 2008

Making progress on the 1949 chevy

Slow I know, but hay I am just one guy and doing all the work myself so gimmie a break. Anyway the 2 door conversion is well underway and the passenger side is almost done.

See more on my other website -

Tonka Dog! January 14, 2008

Sometimes your just too sleepy to get up

Tonka has taken to the leather couch and often does not even get up to go to bed. He is just so damn cute. Click his picture to see large version.

Crazy Storm in Sacramento CA! January 7, 2008

Out of the Darkness into light

A major storm slammed into California this past week. We had recorded winds at 69 MPH and we lost power Friday at 8:00am until today at 1:00pm. We spent a lot of time with family and friends trying to stay warm. Was a long three and half days!

Last year! January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

A new year and finally the last year the looser President Bush will be in office! I hope you all had a great 2007 and we all look forward to a new and wonderful 2008

(archived 2007)

Latest News image December 25, 2007

It must be Christmas...

Well it is December 25 and we had the Family over for fun, food and gifts. It was a great Christmas!

See the pictures here.

Latest News image December 1, 2007

Begining to look a lot like...

Well it is December first and that means I can offically hang the Holiday Lights. So I did. Cold weather and holiday lights, dang it must be close to Christmas!

Latest News image November 19, 2007

Start Flex'n!

We are on our way to being slim, trim and lean mean flex'n machines... we bought a used BowFlex Xtreme 2 off Craigslist and will soon be rockin the home gym!

Latest News image November 2-4, 2007

Camping - we went camping yet again! This time no reservations and over to our favorite place, Stillwater Cove! We found a spot and had the BEST weather - 70-75 outside and no wind, perfect.

See pictures and movies here.

1949 Chevy October 28, 2007


I have been working off and on for two years on the frame off build of the 1949 Chevy. Today the body went back on! Pictures are posted on my Flickr account....


Pumpkins October 22, 2007

Gone crazy for Pumpkins!

Carrie and I decided to go get some pumpkins from a real pumpkin patch this year. We headed down the river road and found Dave's Pumpkin patch, oh was it a glorious time... enjoy the pictures....


new windows October 13, 2007

New windows installed in the house!

Finally after seven years with single pane original 1958 windows, we got brand spankin new dual pane goodness. We even got new sliders! The guys did the entire house in one day too! Of course I took before and afters ...


SCUBA August 26, 2007


Carrie and I started our SCUBA training this past week. One night of class, two days of in pool training (full gear) and two days in the ocean (Monterey CA) It was amazing the feeling of BREATHING underwater! what an odd sensation!

Latest News image August 9-12, 2007

Camping - we went camping yet again! This time no reservations and packed for the CA coast! We found a spot at Woodside State Park just north of Stillwater.

See pictures and read more here.

Wrights Lake July 23, 2007

Today is Carrie's Birthday. We went and kayaked at Wright's Lake in Meyers CA. Was so nice. Great weather and a wonderful paddle. There is a great area of marsh just wide enough for kayaks and we spent a few hours discovering the beauty that was around. The drive back was great too - we took a back road that provided some of the best views of the valley we have ever seen...! Finished the day w/ dinner at The Waterboy, a wonderful meal and good wine all in all the day was much fun and we did not want it to end.

ForestHill Bridge - highest bridge in Califonia - 733 feet July 15, 2007

We went to Foresthill to play with the dogs. The day was a lot warmer then we thought it would be and the lake was packed - temps hovered around 100-102! Dogs sure enjoyed the dip in the cool water as did we! Then we hikes up to the base of the bridge - back to the car and air conditioning! Oh yeah, we stopped and looked at a 6 acre parcel with a nice home in the town of Cool, CA. Someday - oh someday.

1949 Chevy Frame July 2007

I am making big progress on the 1949 Chevy project. The frame is painted and back together, The brake lines are new and in. All new rear and front brakes are installed. New fuel line and 20 gal tank. I hope to get the body back on in mid August (or at least this year - LOL) Progress tends to be slow on a project of this size, many custom parts, so it takes longer I guess? I really want it done soon! I will get the new site done and show all the work. For now go here

Hike Half Dome June 2007

We went to Yosemite to hike Half Dome on June 22-24. Was warmer then we had thought it would be (90-95). The hike was amazing and tough. We covered 20 miles and went from 4,000 ft to just shy of 8,000 ft in one day! We plan to go back next year and do this again.

The Yosemite Valley is just breath taking! Everywhere you look is just ah inspiring.

dragster May 2007
I got the bug bad. I want to go drag racing again. It has been too long. I was searching the local listing on Craigslist and found this wonderful front engine dragster listed. An original Jim Davis built FED!!!

I went and look at it and really wanted it to work out! Yet I turned out to be too big to even fit in the cage! Oh well... I keep searching!

If you have a lead on a dragster - email please!

Ducati ST2 May 2007
After the car wreck we talked about the Ducati and its future in our family. Well after too many other fellow riders past away on the roads within weeks we made a choice to sell her. I placed an ad on Craigslist and it sold within the first week! I am sad, yes, but alive!

First day Ducati ST2 (b-day gift!)
Pictures of the Ducati ST2
Day trips on the Ducati ST2

Latest News image April 2007
Toyota Prius Hybrid is new to our life. As some of you may know the MINI Cooper S was taken from us in an accident on 4-17-07. After the insurance settled out for the MINI we went and picked up the new Hybrid.

See pictures of the day we bought the Prius.

Images of the damaged MINI Cooper S (Broken Smallzilla).

MINI Cooper S April 2007
On Tuesday April 14, 2007 at 12:50 pm on Howe Ave (in Sacramento, CA) I was driving my MINI Cooper S north just before University Ave. A car coming south (toward Hy 50) lost control at a high rate of speed and crossed the center median (grassy small hill) and impacted my MINI head on at the driver's front.

I was not knocked out and recall everything (good or bad). I was extracted form the car with a possible broken left clavicle, left elbow and internal injures. I was strapped down with back and neck braces and transported to UCD Trauma center and under went many hours of x-rays/ CAT scans and blood work.

I am lucky to say that after being on Trauma watch for 24 hours and many doctors later I am past the serious stage and appear to not have any major internal damage. My left clavicle is amazingly not broken yet severely bruised. I have some busted ribs and I am sore everywhere!

I am very lucky to be alive, and as the paramedics said they where shocked to see a 6' 4" guy come out of a MINI in such good shape! BMW makes on hell of car I have to say!

Read more and see more pictures